Where it all began…

Well…I hit a point in life where I’m accepting the fact I shouldn’t shop the “junior” section anymore.  So... I mosey on over to the “women’s” department and cringe at the styles I feel a grandma would wear.  (Love  ya mom) 

It's never about age, it's about how we feel about ourselves. I’m stuck in the middle of “ I am way too old for that” and “OMG... I’m not there yet!” 🤣 I love the little boutique clothes yet these days can’t seem to find anything to cover my “ass-ets” ...if you know what I mean.  I’m simple and plain... boring if you will yet love the trendy styles.

Did I mention I live on a tight budget?  I’m a mother of three and let’s face it, they break me. Between my little diva’s addiction to Target and the college kid’s daily “needs”, I’m thankful for big cousins that clothe the little man. My poor husband just shakes his head. 

I’m on a mission to bring some simple, trendy yet quality and affordable styles to all of you women like me. The Branch will be just that!